Private Investigations

AMPS’s Private Investigation department provides clients with confidential investigative and problem solving services. We also provide advisory services to the senior management fraternity in solving delicate and complex security issues affecting the interest of the company or business.


Credible, Confidential and Factual Reports

An AMPS prides itself in delivering credible and concise reports derived from facts gathered through the investigation process. Investigations are conducted with utmost discretion safeguarding confidentiality.


World Wide & Nation Wide Capabilities

AMPS global extensive networking allows the undertaking of assignments beyond the boundaries of Malaysia. As AMPS is in association with the Associations of Detectives and Private Investigators in the world, AMPS have its associate and colleagues for assistance (specialising in their field of investigative work) and work in tandem in solving cases irrespective of civil or criminal in nature worldwide.


The Investigation Teams

Our team members are hand picked which comprise of highly diversified and experienced investigative, business and security professionals. Many have served with distinction, dedication and excellence with government and law enforcement agencies. Their expertise in the fields of covert operations, surveillance, intelligence and investigation is an asset to AMPS Investigation. In addition, there is also a team of young, intelligent and IT literate officers that are spearheading AMPS Investigation into the 21st century. They combine science and technology with good old physical investigative work. Thus, AMPS Investigation is a melting pot of experience, intelligence and technology, a potent and effective combination that is unrivalled.

Team members are hand picked individuals from specialized fields of expertise pertinent to the investigation services offered.  They also undergo rigorous and intensive retraining prior to placement and deployment.


Asset Tracing and Misappropriation of Corporate Assets
With worldwide contacts and resources, AMPS possesses the capabilities needed to trace the whereabouts of the assets and answer the ‘who, what, when, where, why and how’ for you. The speed and timing in taking action is crucial in seeking legal redress and with AMPS as your investigative arm, we have the ability to provide the information required timely.
Business Fraud and Misrepresentation
As experienced fraud investigators, we realize that companies suffer large monetary losses because of fraud perpetrated against them. We offer AMPS’s expertise to assist clients in determining the value or amount that has been lost, interviewing suspects and tracing and recovering stolen assets and those of the fraudsters. At each stage of the investigation, the client will be provided with progress reports. Discussions will be carried out to determine the next steps leading to an effective resolution through the civil or criminal courts.
Business Intelligence
If you need facts and figures, sound advice on specific procedures on conducting a particular transaction or obtaining specific business information, AMPS is able to utilize our vast networks of legal, financial and security communities to match your needs to the right authorities, experts, businesses in the shortest time possible. Your needs are our priority.
Competitor Analysis
Through our vast network of contacts in the legal, and financial, communities, we provide comprehensive information about companies and individuals who are your competitors. Obtain timely and accurate details of their products, strategies and financial status. Minimize your exposure to unacceptable risk through AMPS.
Computer Forensic
Computer Forensic involves complex investigation of data (information) that are available in personal computers, notebooks (laptops) and even removable media such as floppy disks or thumbdrives. With the usage of state-of-the-art licensed computer forensic software, AMPS had successfully conducted computer forensics for huge organizations with proven results.
Cyber Crime Investigation
Investigate cyber piracy, fraud, extortion, privacy violations, espionage, harassment and/or crimes where computers become major mechanisms in the commission of such offences          affecting your personal and/or business interest. Our team of cyber professionals shall assist in identifying the perpetrators and advice you on the alternative viable courses of actions.
Due Diligence - Corporate/personal
From criminal checks to family background or family tree and financial standings, assets owned to many others, we are able to provide you with information that will enhance your decision making process. Whether it is a background check on prospective or current employees, potential or current partners, clients are assured of timely and accurate reports that may confirm initial suspicions or allay certain fears.
Economic Profiles on companies and individuals
The profiles include officially registered companies or businesses searches, annual to current financial status, businesses ownership, type(s) of businesses, services or products, assets owned and on everything else relevant where legally permissible/obtainable.
Forensic Accounting
Our team of forensic accountants examine and analyse company accounts & figures to identify and evaluate the “three musketeers of fraud” – risks, threats, vulnerabilities (risks scenario) to draw conclusions in supporting any legal action.
General Investigation
Benefit from the advices and range of investigative services provided by our experienced pool of professionals who come from diverse law enforcement and criminology backgrounds. We do the A to Z of investigation within the confines of the law and where legally attainable/viable.
Insurance Fraud - Life/General/Maritime
The insurance industry are faced with the risk of fraud each time claimants exaggerate their liabilities to maximise their claims. Our proven professionals will carry out their investigations indiscrete and tactful manner to provide doubtful insurers with independent evidence, often supported by covert photographs or video footage of the suspected fraudulent claimant.
Illegal Manufacture or Distribution of Products
The identification of piracy or impostors responsible for illegally manufacturing and distributing well-know products is time-consuming and complex. As experienced professionals, we have developed a worldwide network of resources and techniques to stay ahead of unscrupulous syndicates. The end result of the investigation is a comprehensive report that allows the clients to evaluate all the viable courses of action available.
Intellectual Property, Patent, Copyright and Trade Mark Infringement
Brand owners and other owners of intellectual properties often suffer brand abuse whereby unscrupulous parties copy their property through illegal means and benefit from these copies. Our team of professionals will render you the service of detecting and collecting evidence and identify the culprits to facilitate successful legal recourse.
Litigation Support
AMPS professionals liaise with your lawyer to help gather evidence in the event of litigation or serve subpoenas to difficult or evasive parties.
Locating missing persons
We locate missing loved ones or difficult, evasive or absconded party of interest, partners or employees.
Matrimonial Disputes
Obtain information on your spouse as evidence to facilitate the desired outcome in a dispute.
Physical & Electronic Surveillance
We have a highly trained team of professionals to carry out both physical and electronic surveillance complete with photographic documentation without the knowledge of the culprit(s) subject to legal coverage viability as permitted under the Laws of Malaysia.
Pilferages and Theft
Pilferages or theft by employees are difficult to detect as they are usually perpetrated by trusted employees of the firm. As investigators, we identify the culprits, their cohorts and advise you on the alternative actions that can be taken against them from HR approach to Police. For a more pro-active approach, AMPS assists companies in identifying weaknesses and shortcomings in company procedures and suggest remedies to plug the loopholes.
Pre-transaction Intelligence
With any strategic alliances, mergers, joint ventures or other business relationships, we assist our clients’ investment decisions by delving deeper into their partners’ background such as their business history, financial relationships, and litigation history. We deliver focused and timely business intelligence to clients who want facts before making any decision that affects their company’s interest.
Purchasing and Procurement Irregularities
Products procured are subject to theft while loopholes in purchasing procedures can lead to abuse by employees. AMPS assist businesses in monitoring and reviewing their usual transactions for unusual purchases to pinpoint the perpetrator. We do this by conducting independent and objective audits and investigation to provide timely, useful and reliable information to our clients.
Theft of Trade Secrets/Proprietary
As specialists in the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights we assist patent, trademark and copyright owners whose products are being, or likely to be, counterfeited or infringed. With the support of our worldwide network of associates, we pursued the infringers and provide detailed periodic reports to our clients. We also advise our clients on all the viable courses each action available to them.
Violation of Fiduciary Trust
Investigate trustees who may have breached the trust given to them. Preserve and protect what you and your beneficiaries deserve.