Physical Security

AMPS provide its clients with various types of security and protection services tailored to their needs. These professional services include, among others, guarding, area patrolling, emergency response, and escort of valuables and currencies. It also provides executive protection for local and visiting business VIPs and facilitates their respective itineraries.

Ex-service personnel are given priority in the selection of our guard force. The personnel are mandated to attend a five days basic course to qualify for the security identification (smart card) issued by the Ministry of Internal Security although the requirement is only for three days. Additional familiarisation/customised training are given prior to their assignments at the assigned locations/premises to ensure services are effective in fulfilling the clients’ requirements. Security personnel on duty are equipped with the standard issue of equipment as dictated by the Malaysian Security Association (PKKKM). Apart from the standard equipment, AMPS also provide its personnel with trunk radios and/or walkie-talkies depending on the locations and nature of the assignments. Trunk radios are meant for communication with AMPS 24-hours Manned Control Centre while the walkie-talkies are for direct communication among their duty posts.

Prior to undertaking any assignment, a security audit will be conducted on the prospective client’s premise to evaluate the effectiveness of existing physical security and pertinent methodologies with a view of recommending practical solutions to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings detected.

AMPS Management Team makes periodic visits to assignment locations apart from the regular visits by its Officers to monitor performance standards as well as to solicit regular feedbacks from its clienteles. The stringent requirements enshrined under the ISO 9001:2008 QMS are fully complied with to ensure continual improvement in service and clienteles satisfaction.


Area Patrolling
This service is aimed at protecting and safeguarding the lives and properties of participating residents in conjunction with crime prevention program of residential areas as mooted by the authorities. This service is also extended to industrial and commercial complexes.
Armed Security Personnel
AMPS Armed Security Personnel are trained in weapon handling by the Royal Malaysian Police in defensive action. Our armed security personnel must meet their shooting practice as set out by the Royal Malaysian Police and must pass the minimum standard before being certified and qualify to be armed security personnel. They are also trained for escort duties of high valued goods and sensitive materials.
Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team is a mobile unit on stand-by for deployment during emergency situations to provide assistance to the guarded premises.
Executive Close Protection & Security Liaison Services
AMPS’s pool of experienced personnel provides protection to both local and foreign VIPs. Additionally, our security liaison services will facilitate their respective itineraries.
General Consultancy & Training
AMPS provide consultancy services on a variety of security related issues. Apart from this, AMPS also provide specific security training programs tailored to meet the clients’ requirement.
Guard Dog (K9) Services
AMPS offer a unique concept of K9 Guard Dog services. We specialise in the deployment of trained, guard dogs for patrolling services to maximise the protection of our Clients’ businesses, assets, premises, events, residences and people. We work to deter and deflect criminal activity by placing ourselves between the threat and our Clients’ concern. With extensive operational experience across multiple sectors, we are committed to providing a comprehensive; high-quality service that fully meets our Clients’ security requirements.Our company remains one of the few of its kind in the canine protective security companies in Malaysia.
Static Security Personnel
AMPS Static Security Personnel consist of local and approved Nepali personnel by the Malaysian Home Ministry to carry out static security services.