Management Profile

The management team at AMPS comprises a selection of personalities with vast and varied experience and expertise in security and its related field. A brief synopsis of these individuals is recorded in the following paragraphs.


Managing Director
Mr. Lim Cheng Hock

Mr. Lim Cheng Hock, the Managing Director of Asset Management & Protection Services Sdn. Bhd. has extensive experience spanning almost 20 years in the fields of security and safety being in the industry officially since 1982, after receiving specialised training both locally and abroad.  He furthered his career commercially in 1999 with the formation of AMPS and also holds a Diploma in Security Management from SITO, UK.

In recognising the potential, demands and challenges of the security industry in the new millennium, Mr. Lim is spearheading the convergence of all aspects of modern technology with security management. He is fully committed to achieving this goal and thus establishing AMPS as a premier security and investigation company in the nation.

He is a life member of the Asian Professional Security association (APSA) and a Honourable member Rela (People Voluntarily Corp) with the rank of Major.

Lt. Colonel Meor Adam Bin Meor Sapi AMN, PJK, psc, jssc

Lt. Kol. (Rtd) Meor Adam Bin Meor Sapi was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Malay Regiment and after serving for a year he volunteered to join the elite Malaysian Special Service Regiment (MSSR). In 1973, he was attached to the Intelligence Staff Division, Ministry of Defence and later was absorbed into the Intelligence Corps where he opted for retirement in 1996.

In his 30 years of service with the Malaysian Armed Forces, he held various operational and management appointments. In his intelligence career he served as Military Intelligence Officer alongside the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police for 11 years and in the Prime Minister’s Department (Research Division) for 12 years.

He had attended various courses both locally and overseas, among others, the Airborne, Ranger and Pathfinder courses (United States Army); Senior Officers Intelligence Courses in the Philippines and India; military as well as the Police Special Branch courses which include Staff Intelligence, Psychological Warfare and Civic Action, Weapons and Tactics, Administration, Interrogation, Investigation and Management Skills. Upon retirement, he joined Rashid Hussain Berhad (RHB) as the Head of Security. His responsibilities included planning, management and advisory roles to the companies and subsidiaries of the RHB Group on all aspects of Security.  His position has kept himself abreast of all current trends and practices of the security industry. He is a Committee Member of the Asian professional Security Association (Malaysian Chapter).

Senior Manager
Lt. Col. Mohamad Nasir Bin Othman (Rtd), KAT, PMP, psc, dspsk (UKM) MM (UM)

Lt. Colonel Mohamad Nasir Bin Othman (Rtd), joined the Malaysian Army in 1972 and was later commissioned as a Second Lieutenat into the Royal Signals Regiment in 1973. He retired on optional retirement at the age of 48 in2002 after serving the Malaysian Army for 30 years.

In his 30 years of service with the Malaysian Army, he had held various operational and management appointments in the field units at the Army Headquarters and Defence Intelligence Staff Division at the Ministry of Defence.

He had attended various career courses while he was serving in the Malaysian Army such as Unit Intelligence Course, All Armed Tactics Course, Staff Officers Course, Weapons Course, Joint Warfare and Joint Operation Planning Course and the armed Forces Staff College’s Course. He was also given the opportunity to pursue higher academic qualification by attending the Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic and Security Studies at the Malaysian National University (UKM) as well as masters in Management (MBA module) at University of Malaya (UM)

Upon his retirement in the year 2002, he joined the Tenaga Nasional Berhad as a Senior Operational Manager at the TNB Security Department on contract basis for 3 years. After his TNB contract, he joined various security companies and later on joined Asset Management & Protection Services Sdn. Bhd. after his last appointment with Kawal Wiramas Security Services Sdn. Bhd.

Investigation Manager
Mr. Foong Ah Chai

Mr. Foong Ah Chai joined The Royal Malaysian Police Force (RMPF) for 20 years specialising in Special Investigation. He specialises in gathering intelligence and surveillance works against the Malaysian communist party and later on hard core criminals.  He left the force for greener pasture after being offered to spearhead Berjaya Group corporate investigation team in the public listed company.

After successfully spearheading the corporate investigating team, he was seconded to security management duty, helming security personnel to tackle security threat to the company assets taking care of two (2) shopping complexes. Due to his recognition in neutralizing the treats without reprisals from those neutralized he received commendation letter and promotion upon strong written recommendation letter from tenants and owners to the group CEO.

He later left Berjaya Group to join SP Setia Berhad as a Security Manager to set up their security department. His hard work and diligence was soon recognized by the group Managing Director and was later given the task to set up the Executive Close Protection team to safe guard and to protect the Managing Director and his family. His experience in the RMPF was put into good use when a threat was identified to his principal was detected which was neutralized and those involved were put behind bar.

After a long spell in this field he was invited by Asset Management & Protection Services to head their Investigation Department.

Maritime Security Trainer
Major Che Well Derahan

Major Che Well Derahan was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Malaysian Armed Forces and after serving for a year he volunteered to join the elite Malaysian Special Service Regiment (MSSR).

In his 25 years of service with the Malaysian Armed Forces, He was the first officer in the MAF to be trained in Maritime Anti-Terrorist Operation, especially in anti-hijack ocean liner/cargo ship and oil-rig. The training was held by the Special Air Service (SAS Unit) and Special Boat Service Unit (SBS Unit) in Great Brittan and Australia.

He also commanded the Amphibious Squadron consists of Boat Troops (Assault Boats), Special Boat Sections (Clandestine Crafts) and Combat Divers Teams to conduct special missions, recce and destroy enemy targets (ships, jetty, oil-rig, and any maritime targets at surface and underwater).

He had attended various courses both locally and overseas, among others, Small Boat/craft Handler/Operator, Navigation/Chart Work, Combat Diving, Underwater Demolition, anti-maritime terrorist operation. (Assault Swimmer, Canoeist Class 3.2 and 1).

Close Protection Trainer
R.Azmi Bin Ahmad (Former Police)

He served the Royal Malaysia Police Force (PDRM) since 1982 and was attached to the Bukit Mertajam Police Station, Pulau Pinang for 3 years as a General Duty Police Officer. In 1986, he joined the UTK (Unit Tindakhas) at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur after undergoing the UTK (Unit Tindakhas) Basic Course at Ulu Kinta , Ipoh, Perak supervised by SAS (Special Air Service) trainers from UK (United Kingdom), England for two months and passed with flying colours.

In 1989, He was selected to join the Training Department of UTK as a qualified trainer. He was given the confidence to train existing officers and personnel from UTK itself and other Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) personnel all over Malaysia. He specialized in the Close Protection Course for individuals and group training for Royal Malaysia Police (RMP). He is also a qualified trainer specializing in abseiling and repelling. He resigned in 1997 to venture into new areas.

Throughout his service, He had the most valuable opportunities to be involved in many operations during his career in UTK and one of which was Close Protection. He had gained very wide experience in this field and was involved in the group Close Protection to the Malaysian Prime Minister. He was also given the opportunity to serve as a Close Protection Officer to the Malaysian Prime Minister during his visit or conference overseas in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Fiji, Japan, India, London, France and many others countries.

Operation & Marketing Manager
Captain Ronald Gomes

Captain (Rtd) Ronald Gomes is an ex-servicemen having served the Royal Malaysian Signals Regiment for 17 years in various positions, his last appointment being as Squadron Commander 71 Corp Royal Malaysian Signals Regiment. He then joined Securiforce Sdn. Bhd. in 1994 as Operations Officer and quickly rose within the ranks in a short span of time (5 Years) to the position of General Manager. In the 9 years he was with Securiforce Sdn. Bhd., he was tasked to head various departments (Security Trucking/CIT/Armed Guarding/Escort etc.), thereby gaining extensive and invaluable knowledge of the mechanics/operations of each department.

Recognizing his experience in handling almost every department in the security industry, he was approached by Berjaya Corporation in September 2003 to head the newly formed Berjaya Guard Services (In-house Security Department of Berjaya Group) and lead the Company in establishing a dedicated Security Guard Force to safeguard all Properties/Clubs/Resorts/Plantations/VVIP Residences within the Group. Here he served for 10 years, gathering extensive knowledge of all aspects of the security industry including his last assignment as Head of Security Operations for Berjaya City Plantations Division.

Apart from his vast experience in the security Industry, Capt. (R) Ronald Gomes is also a qualified Weapons Instructor and a Licensed Judge for International Shooting Competitions in Pistol and Target Control, accredited by the Malaysian Shooting Association. He has trained numerous security personnel from the entry level of guards to senior executives and given his excellent command of both written and spoken English/Bahasa Malaysia, he is able to interact well with all levels of personnel.

Technical Advisor
Mr. Foong Yee (Former Police SAC I)

Mr. Foong Yee retired from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) in June 2000. His last posting was as the Deputy Chief Police Officer of Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. He was bestowed the Panglima Setia Pasukan Polis (PSPP), Johan Setia Mahkota (JSM), Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) and Pingat Kelakuan Terpuji awards by the government in recognition of his service.

While in the Police Force, Mr Foong Yee had held various posts, among others, Head of Sections, Counter Intelligence and Counter Espionage Division and Counter Armed Communist Subversion Division, Bukit Aman respectively; Head of Special Branch, Penang; Assistant Director of Special Branch, Bukit Aman.

Mr Foong Yee had attended numerous courses, meetings and dialogue sessions with security and intelligence organizations both at national and international levels. He was trained in the United Kingdom on special investigative techniques. He is well versed in crime prevention and in the security management of major events.

Training Advisor
Mr. Ramli Bahari (Former Police DSP)

Mr. Ramli Bahari, a holder of Diploma in Police Science (UKM), is currently the Head of Security, Motorola Kuala Lumpur. He had served in the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for 24 years before opting for early retirement in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. His last appointment was as Head of the City Crime Prevention Division of the George Town Police before he joined the private sector in 1990.

He began his career in the private sector as the Security Manager for National Semiconductor and Dynacraft, Penang.  During his tenure, he was also the Chairman of the Penang Free Industrial Zone Security Council as well as the Chairman of the Environmental, Safety and Hygiene Committee for National Semiconductor. In 1994 he was the recipient of the National Semiconductor Outstanding Service Award.

In Motorola, he is the Coordinator of the Proprietary Information Protection Program, Chairman of the Emergency Response Team and First Responders Team (Paramedics), site coordinator of the Crisis Management Team and Business Continuity Team.  He is also an instructor certified by Motorola University and facilitates training on business ethics, learning maps, protection of information security, values and volunteerism.  He also coordinates joint training programs for the emergency response teams, first responders, chemical spill teams, safety and security on tabletop and simulation exercises.  As the Crisis Team Leader, he has positioned the Kuala Lumpur Motorola site for being the first to achieve Level 3 Excellence in Crisis Management Plan 2000.

Consultant – Legal Affairs
Mr. Tan Kim Soon, B. ECON (HONS) LL.B (HONS), CLP

The Chief Executive Partner, Mr. Tan Kim Soon graduated from the University Malaya with a Bachelor of Economics Degree (Hons) in 1979 and also passed the Law Relating to Banking and Monetary Economics in the Diploma in Banking examination conducted by the Institute of Bankers, London.

In 1992 he obtained his Bachelor of Laws Degree (Hons) from the University of London, completed his CLP in 1993 and was called to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor on the 25th October 1996.

Since setting-up the law practice of Messrs. Tan Kim Soon & Co on 25th November 1996, he has been involved in most areas of the law and served on various committees of Bar Council Malaysia.

Prior to his practice in the legal profession in 1996, he was in the Banking industry in various capacities from May 1979 to December 1995, spanning some 16 years and once served as the elected Chairman of

 ’Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia, Johore Regional Centre.