The Difference

Fully Trained & Qualified Personnel of Integrity

Prior to employment, AMPS ensure that ALL aspiring Security Assistants and Officers shall meet its stringent standard criteria for recruitment and pass the mandated pre-employment security vetting by the Police to maintain the desired integrity.

The Security Assistants and Officers comprises ex-Forces (Police, Military, Uniformed Bodies) personnel as well as young matured able bodied career minded civillians who possess at least the minimum academic qualification of having successfully completed secondary school education. They are mandated to pass the full medical screening and undergo a probationary period of at least three months prior to confirmation of employment. Additionally, they are also mandated to undergo one week of basic training to enable them to exhibit a standard security identification smart card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KKDN).

Our highly experienced, competent and qualified trainers ensures that they are effectively trained customised accordingly to meet the stringent professional standards desirable for effective industrial, residential and/or commercial security encompassing the physical and methodological aspects of protection/prevention, first aid and basic fire fighting.


Professional Investigators

At A.M.P.S., our teams of professional investigators provide Clients with confidential investigative solutions to common, complex and/or sensitive issues, personal and/or corporate, normally achieving outstanding desirous results exceeding the expectations of our Clients.

We offer Clients the dedicated service of high-calibre professionals and street-smart ground operators with vast cumulative experience of over 70 years of investigative work, having distinguished themselves in their specific areas of expertise. We are result orientated, highly effective, efficient and work only with the highest level of confidentiality.

Our team members are hand picked individuals from specialized fields of expertise pertinent to the investigation services offered. They also undergo rigorous and intensive retraining prior to placement and deployment.